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A Primer on Wireless Technology
Mamatha Balachandra

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Computationalism: The Deductive Approach or "The Mind Body Problem in a Computationalist Perspective
Bruno Marchal

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Computer Vision Models for Autonomous Surveillances
Enzo Mumolo and Alessandro Moro

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Hyperbolic Kernel: Theory and Practical Applications
Khao Le

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ICT Usage In Small And Medium Enterprises In An African Nation
Dele Oluwade

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Interfacing Brain And Machines
Mikhail Lebedev

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Smart Healthcare Applications
R. Rajkumar

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Web Context Mining using Computational Intelligence
Indrajit De and Kunal Das

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“Computational Autism”, “Discovering the Patterns of Autistic Reasoning”, “Autistic Reasoning: from Models to Rehabilitation”
Boris Galitsky

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