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Future Books in 'Life Sciences'

A Text Book of Biochemistry for University Students
Sivakumar Gowder

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Adamts in Biology and Pathology
Kadir Demircan

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Biology of Parasitism
Sheelagh Lloyd

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Biotechnology in Biofuels Time
Daniela Defavari do Nascimento and Marcia Nalesso Costa Harder

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Cellular Resilience
Nadia Danilova

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Chitosan- A Polysaccharide for Industrial Interest and Diverse Biological Functions
Anil Kumar Anal

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Comparative Bioacoustics
Charles Brown

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Comparative Biochemical Nutrition: Implications in Health and Disease
Sami Dridi

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Congenital Toxoplasmosis in Human and Domestic Animals
Katia Denise Saraiva Bresciani and Alvimar José da Costa

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Creative Teaching in Botany
Valentina Savo

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Cultures of Cancer
Anastasia Karakasidou

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Essential Techniques for Medical and Life Scientists : A Guide to Contemporary Methods and Current Applications With the Protocols
Y. Tutar

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Experimental Methods for Mesenchymal Cell Activation by Biomechanical Stimulation 
Nahum Rosenberg

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Fluorescence Microscopy in Basic and Applied Biomedical Research
Alfonso Blázquez-Castro

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Formal Metohds in Software Engineering: Theory & Practice
Suneel A. Chhatre

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Interfacing Brain And Machines
Mikhail Lebedev

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Lipid Code of Genomic DNA. Nucleic Acid-Lipid and Membrane Complexes, Interactions and Recognition
Renad Zhdanov

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Maternal Nutrition and Fetal Gene Expression
Aml M. Erhuma

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Metabolic pathways & Microbial Diversity: Studies on Novel Physiological Traits
Suneel A. Chhatre

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Microbial Systems Biology
Kazuyuki Shimizu

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Oxygen, its Biology and Chemistry and Role in Health, Disease and Therapy
Olen R. Brown

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Postural Control Deregulation in Chronic Ankle Instability
Andreia S. P. Sousa

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Reproduction and Production of River and Swamp Buffalo Around the World
Giorgio A. Presicce

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Reproductive Physiology, Chronobiology and Social Physiology
Shyamal Kanti Das and Chandan Roy

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Targeted and Untargeted Metabolmics in Clinical Laboratories
Bertrand Rochat

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The Mechanical Vibration: Therapeutic Effects and Applications
Raoul Saggini, Rosa Grazia Bellomo, Livio Giuliani, Simona Maria Carmignano, Enrico Corsetti and Maria Cristina D'Agostino

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