FAQ(s) about Author Incentives

As a chapter author or a book editor would I get free copy of my book?

Yes, book editor(s) / author(s) and all chapter authors and contributors get free access to the eBook, i.e. to the electronic / PDF edition.

What remuneration do authors receive?

The eBook’s editor(s) and author(s) will receive royalties on the sales of the eBook. No royalty is paid to chapter authors. Please contact ebooksales@benthamscience.net for further details.

What other benefits are eBook editor(s)/author(s) entitled to apart from royalties?

Besides royalties, eBook editor(s)/author(s) are entitled to a free electronic copy of their eBook and significant discounts on the print edition. (Please note the print edition is available as print-on-demand only and the publisher does not maintain any stock of the print edition).


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