FAQs about Discounts and Offers

Are there any discounts available on eBooks?

Yes, the following discounts are available:

  1. All eBook orders (electronic / PDF edition only) received through the author/editor will be entitled to a 15% discount only if the list price of the electronic / PDF edition is above US$ 75.

  2. Editors and authors will be entitled to a 25% discount upon buying the print edition of their eBook.

  3. Quantity discounts are available on bulk print orders; a 15% discount is available if 10-99 print copies are ordered and a 30% discount is available if 100 or more copies are ordered

  4. The electronic / PDF edition of the eBook may be bought at a 50% discount if the print edition of the same eBook is also ordered.

  5. Various attractive discounts may be availed when buying complete subject collections or eBook series’; please see our catalogue or contact marketing@benthamscience.net, subscription@benthamscience.net for further details.

  6. eBook discounts are available for attendees of partnering conferences. More details are available here.

What are the costs for publishing the eBook in the Open Access mode?

The upfront charge for publishing an eBook in the open access mode is US $ 20 per published page for the first 200 pages and US $ 15 per page for all additional published pages above the first 200 pages.

What is meant by ‘Open Access Plus’?

This is an option available to chapter authors to have their particular chapter(s) published as an ‘open access’ publication despite the rest of the eBook being available for sale.

What is Limited Open Access?

eBook editors or open access contributing authors may choose to publish their chapter(s) with Bentham Science at a special reduced fee for a limited open access period. The ‘limited open access’ publication fee for a period of six months and two months is US$ 12 per page and US$ 06 per page, respectively.

Is there any copyediting (English language editing) service available to eBook editor(s)/author(s)?

Yes, editor(s)/author(s) can avail copyediting (English language editing) services from Eureka Science (www.eureka-science.com). Please contact info@eureka-science.com for further details.


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