FAQ(s) about Purchase and Order eBooks

How do I order or purchase an eBook?

You can find detailed ordering and purchasing information here. For print-on-demand, personal or institutional / multi-user purchases you can place your order by filling out the purchase order form available on each book’s homepage. For further information please contact ebooksales@benthamscience.net.

What is Eureka Select?

Eurekaselect is a secure selling website dedicated to sell Bentham eBooks in a user friendly environment.

Are print copies of eBooks available?

Yes, print editions are available but only as ‘print-on-demand’ i.e. ready stocks of printed books are not maintained and a print copy is only printed when an order is received. It usually takes 2 weeks to process the order and deliver the print copy to the customer. Quantity discounts and special discounts apply for orders placed by the book’s authors and editors. For further details please contact ebooksales@benthamscience.net.

How long does it take to download an eBook?

If you are buying a copy for your personal use then the eBook can be downloaded immediately in a matter of minutes once the payment has been successfully processed. Since eBooks are available in different file sizes download times vary and depend on both the size of the file and the speed of internet, In case of any difficulty in the electronic purchase, please contact ebooksales@benthamscience.net.

Is it possible to get access to an eBook for institutional usage through I.P. (internet protocol) or username & password?

Yes, if you wish to use your eBook in an institution where there are multiple users you can gain access to the book by providing us your institutions IP addresses and we will allow the book to be accessed from the IP addresses provided. If you foresee limited usage for the title you can request us for a username and password and we will create a username and password and provide you the details along with the relevant instruction on how to access the book using your username and password.

How long does it take to gain access to the book if an institutional access is needed?

It usually takes two working days. Once your payment transaction has been processed successfully our staff will contact you within two working days with access details (I.P or Username and Password) after which you will be able to access and/or download the eBook.

Do eBook prices vary with the types of users?

Yes, we have different prices for personal and institutional usage. These prices can be viewed on our website or in our catalogues.

How long can one use an eBook?

All eBook purchases are for an indefinite time period. If you lose your eBook you can request for access again by providing your ordering details, like your name, book title, order number, etc.

Can pages from an eBook be copied or printed?

Yes, a limited number of pages can be copied and printed in any one instance as DRM restriction apply. To view our DRM policy for personal / individual users please click here. There are no DRM restrictions for institutional users and institutions may apply their own DRM policy.

Are there any discounts on Bentham eBook collection?

Yes, you can chose and select our eBooks and send your request stating book names, ISBNs, publication years, author/editor names to subscriptions@benthamscience.net. A member of our sales team will reply to you explaining what discounts can possibly be applied on your collection and if any further discounts can be awarded by expanding or modifying your collections.

Are eBook trials and their usage statistics available?

Yes, usage statistics are available to institutions / libraries opting for eBook trials. Librarians and institutions may contact subscriptions@benthamscience.net and request for trials and their usage statistics.

Can I 'Pre-order' a book?

Yes, all books can be 'Pre-Ordered' before publication. To view the list of books available for 'Pre-Order', please see our list of Forthcoming Titles, Forthcoming eBook Series and Future Books.

How do I 'Pre-order' a book?

  1. Select a book of your choice from the following lists: Forthcoming Titles, Forthcoming eBook Series or Future Books.

  2. Click on the ‘Pre-order’ or ‘Pre-order enquiry’ tab below the book title of your choice.

  3. Fill the pre-order form and click on the 'Submit' button to send us your information.

  4. You will receive an email from us on the successful submission of your information required in the form. Our sales representative will contact you shortly afterwards and provide you with purchase information and payment details.

When will I receive my 'Pre-ordered' book?

If you have pre-ordered an eBook you will receive your eBook after its publication and within 72 hours after payment has been completed in case it is an eBook. If you have pre-ordered a print book, it will take 2 weeks after publication and completion of payment.


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