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Our eBooks provide professionals, academicians, corporate researchers, graduates and undergraduates worldwide with the most current information in their subject areas of interest.

Our eBooks are also available in the ePub and Kindle formats besides the PDF edition. Readers can also enjoy the traditional hardbound print edition by ordering their personal print-on-demand copy.

Elsevier and Bentham Science have recently agreed to a distribution and co-publishing alliance and the first titles are now available. The chemistry titles of Bentham will be distributed through Elsevier’s global sales channels, including ScienceDirect, giving their books a higher profile and growth opportunity in the global market. Elsevier will benefit with immediate growth in its chemistry portfolio of books, giving researchers greater access to needed chemistry content covering pharmaceutical science, medicinal chemistry, and other multi-disciplinary topics. Learn more about the collaboration here.


Prior to working with Bentham Science Publishers, I have been involved with two different publishing companies, with which I published three books. This gives me a good perspective on the efficiency and support provided by different publishers. While I have no complaints about the other companies I worked with, I can certainly express my total satisfaction with Bentham. Trying to assemble the four hundred and fifty five pages book on Lung Function in Health and Disease, packed with equations and unusual symbols, was a formidable task for both the Author and the publishing company. The level of cooperation and professionalism I was offered by Bentham has been of the highest quality and has been instrumental in allowing me to complete such a massive task. The innumerable letters I sent to Ms. Asma Ahmed and to other members of the Bentham’s staff were answered promptly and thoroughly. I doubt that I would have been able to accomplish this project without their continuous professional support and advice.

Dr. Camillo Peracchia
(University of Rochester, USA)

Thank you for your letter. It has been a pleasure to work with your editors. Our four-volume book was a complex undertaking, and Bentham's services were always prompt and helpful.

Dr. Robert G. Dyck
(Virginia Tech, USA)

Bentham ebooks bring the best of Bentham journal articles to a wider audience in a timely and efficient medium. Bentham continues to grow as a respected and innovative publisher of leading edge science.

Prof. George Perry
(University of Texas San Antonio, USA)

It has been a privilege to be associated with Bentham Science and Bentham eBooks. Bentham Science is a well-respected long-time American publishing company. The Bentham eBook publishing initiative is on its way to creating a comparable tradition of excellence in virtual publishing industry. I have had the distinct pleasure of publishing four books with Bentham ebooks. My experience has been uniformly positive. In my opinion, it is a tremendous privilege to have your work professionally edited and published. The two levels of editorial review at Bentham eBooks result in professional-quality e-books, which benefits the authors, the publisher and the readers.

The most impressive thing to me about the Bentham eBook publication program is the remarkable diversity of topics. Virtually any aspect of science, including the social sciences, is an appropriate topic for a meaningful submission. The submission process is a relatively simple one, with minimal paperwork. It is very easy to submit your work to Bentham e-Books, in my experience. This makes the entire book publication process much easier.

In conclusion, I want to clearly state that I have been treated very well by Bentham eBooks. Anyone with meaningful academic work on an important topic should consider sending their work to Bentham. I have had the honor of having four books published by a commercial book publisher and another by a university press, and my experience at Bentham was comparable in all major ways to my previous publishing opportunities.

Dr. Dirk C. Gibson
(The University of New Mexico, USA)

With the help of Bentham, I could fulfill this wish in the form of a two-volume eBook consisting of twenty six (26) well thought-out chapters. Regarding feedback, I would say that during the past five years that I have been working with your Bentham colleagues in the publication process of the book, I have been very impressed by the high level of professionalism exhibited by each of them. Overall, your colleagues exhibited collegiality, sensitivity, and sustained diligence in the completion of this demanding project.

Dr. Subhash C. Basak
(International Society of Mathematical Chemistry, USA)

I have had very good experiences with Bentham Science, which has published my ebooks on medicinal chemistry as well as journal articles in The Natural Products Journal, Current Metabolomics and Current Drug Discovery Technologies. All of them received excellent and thorough peer-reviews, which helped me to improve their quality. In addition, Bentham Science did their own technical reviews, which also improved the ebooks and articles. The graphics department also did an excellent job of preparing the figures – especially the NMR spectra which other publishers have not done very well in some of my previous manuscripts. Throughout the publication process, communications with the editors and staff at Bentham Science have been professional, cordial, timely and quite informative. As a result, my ebook Medicinal Chemistry – Fusion of Traditional and Western Medicine was accepted by the Scopus database of scientific books and can be found in several libraries. As it was an ebook, the first edition was published soon after I finished writing it in 2013. So, it contains many references that were published in 2011-2013. It was written as a textbook for a one semester course in medicinal chemistry, like the one that I taught at Park University. It tells how modern medicinal chemistry uses the best of traditional and western medicine to develop new drugs. Then, Bentham published the 2nd edition in 2014. It was written for the first semester in a two-semester course. It contains many updates since 2013 and goes into more detail than the first edition. Next, Bentham Science is about to publish the 3rd edition, which was written for the second semester in a two-semester course. It also contains many updates since 2014. Like the 2nd edition, it contains chapters that were not included in the 1st edition. In the meantime, Bentham Science also published 21 articles that I wrote for The Natural Products Journal, Current Metabolomics and Current Drug Discovery Technologies. They include research on Brazilian fruits, such as passion fruit, mangoes, avocados, açaí, noni, mangosteen and tropical blueberries. They also include review articles on network medicine and high throughput screening as well as recent advances in metabolomics. These articles helped me inform the research community about our recent discoveries as well as current trends in the field. It has also enabled me to build several fruitful international collaborations.

Robert Smith
(Park University and Consultant Science Advisor United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA)

My experience was highly positive. The team is comprehensive and had always been helpful through the editing process. I can surely recommend this scientific edition.

Dr. Le Houerou Fabienne
(Researcher at CNRS the French National Center For Scientific Research, France)

I would like to greatly thank the personnel of ‘Bentham Science Publishers’ for their kindness and excellent collaboration concerning the publication of my e-book, entitled: ‘Micronutrient deficiency in soils and plants’.

I am really impressed by the quality and speed of the publication process of Bentham. I would also encourage other scientists and researchers to collaborate with Bentham Science Publishers, if they want to publish their work quickly and qualitatively.

Dr. Theocharis Chatzistathis
(Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)

I strongly appreciate the positive and productive interaction with your co-workers, who put in very hard work that made me quite happy. I think that Bentham Science Publishers has become one of the leading companies in the world, strongly maintaining high quality of contributions.

Prof. Eva Chmielewská
(Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University, Slovak Republic)

It was a pleasant experience working with Bentham eBooks during the time of editing our eBook “Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Organic Compounds to Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases” and writing the Chapter “Chasing Potential Antileprotic Compounds”. Bentham is an exceptional publisher that gives complete assistance in order to fulfill our task. The Editors-in-chief have assisted us in resolving our doubts, making our endeavor fruitful. By providing appropriate time to organize a team of respectable authors and access the most updated literature has allowed us to patiently cover the scientific theme of choice.

Prof. Dênis Pires de Lima
(Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil)

The authors express their appreciation for excellent work done by the Bentham Science Publishers to publish the eBook entitled: “Lecture Notes in First Course on Numerical Analysis with Mathematica”.

The final manuscript was successfully completed with assistance and help of Benthams’ editorial board. The eBook constitutes a summary of authors work in the area of Numerical Analysis during over thirty years of teaching at undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Warsaw, University of Jos, Nigeria, University of Swaziland and University of Botswana. The eBook is designed and recommended as reading material for science and engineering students pursuing a course on numerical methods in undergraduate programs.

The content of the notes covers the following topics: Computer Numbers and Round-off Errors Estimates, Interpolation and Approximation of Functions, Polynomial Splines and Applications, Numerical Integration and Solution of Non-linear Equations. The authors have presented the subjects in exact and comprehensive way with emphasis on formulation of fundamental theorems with proofs supported by well selected examples. They used Mathematica, system for doing Mathematics, in solving problems specific to the subjects. In the notes, the reader will find interesting algorithms and their implementation in the Mathematica System.

Dr. Tadeusz Stys
(University of Warsaw, Poland)

With Bentham eBooks I had a fine experience for understanding my point of view on the subjects approached, for the patience and continuous help during the publication process, for the impeccable collaboration, and the fine editing of the book.

Prof. Eliade Stefanescu
(Center of Advanced Studies in Physics, Institute of Mathematics "Simion Stoilow" of the Romanian Academy, Romania)

In 2013, I accepted the invitation of Bentham to edit an e-Book entitled 'Organoselenium Chemistry Between Synthesis and Biochemistry'. Several outstanding scientists all around the world accepted the invitation to participate in the preparation of this really interesting and new opera borderline between chemistry and biochemistry. The assistance provided by the Bentham staff starting from the Book Manager to the offices for the technical supports (language, anti-plagiarism) was excellent, allowing a fast and efficient peer-review process, arriving at the publication of a refined and well done eBook.

Prof. Claudio Santi
(University of Perugia, Italy)

I was impressed by the thorough approach taken by Bentham Science Publishers throughout the entire publishing process. Their attention to detail, rigour and high standards inspired confidence in the company.

Communications from the publishing team were frequent and clear; they were always readily available to help with my queries. The final product was of a high quality and carefully prepared and I am very grateful for the support and hard work that the Bentham team provided.

Catherine Greene
(Education and Research Centre, Beaumont Hospital, Ireland)

I had a good publishing experience working with Bentham Science Publishers as Editor of an ebook. I am very happy with the excellent service provided by all the team members to assure the highest quality of the electronic printed text. Readers could appreciate the quality of the text and graphical high level of the figures.

Roberto Vittorio Murri
(University of Camerino, Italy)

I was invited to write this book and I am fully satisfied with the accomplishment of the publishing house.

Joseph Knoll
(Semmelweis University, Hungary)

I consider Bentham Science Publishers as one of the best among other prestigious International Science Publishers. The service you provide to your authors is excellent. Your editing staff is very friendly and helpful, and it is a real pleasure to work with such high professionals. I am thankful to them for their support and cooperation which were helpful, very productive and invaluable. I will recommend to my colleagues to publish their papers and books with Bentham Science Publishers.

Joseph Zaretsky
(Tel Aviv University, Israel)

The quality of service and of products is perfect; accurate and very fast. It is a pleasure to publish with the Bentham Science Publishers.

Branko Soucek
(IRIS Integrated Reasoning , Italy)

I published a co-authored eBook with Bentham Science and found the experience to be positive. Their staff guided me through the production and into the marketing stages of the publishing process, and was quite lenient with unexpected revisions required after the proofreading stage. This was the first time that I published with Bentham, and this positive experience led me to submit further proposals for another eBook and even an idea for an eBook series. So, I do recommend Bentham Science for academic publishing in the sciences as well as social sciences, including interdisciplinary research.

Dr. Mary J. Thornbush
(Brock University, Canada)

I have found Bentham Science Publishers staff to be open to discussion and very helpful in ensuring that the eBook manuscript is published in a highly professional manner.

Dr. Pierre R. Band
(McGill University, Canada)

“It has been a pleasure to work with Bentham Science, mostly because they have a fast and efficient communication system in publishing our eBook entitled ‘Consanguinity – Its Impact, Consequences and Management’. My experience with Bentham was exciting and unique. I am looking forward to making more valuable contributions in the future.

The collaboration with Bentham will be very fruitful mainly to physicians and community.”

Prof. Lutfi Jaber
(The Bridge to Peace Community Pediatric Center, Taibe. Institute of Neurology Schneider Children's Medical Center, Tel-Aviv University, Israel)

Our sincere thanks for publishing the eBook and providing us the complete binder. We would like to render our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for the tremendous effort and support extended by you throughout the process. Moreover, we would be extremely happy to consider Bentham Publishers for our future ventures too.

Dr. K.P. Laladhas
(Kerala State Biodiversity Board, India)

My experience of working with Bentham eBooks was very progressive and encouraging.

Dr. Maddaly Ravi
(Sri Ramachandra University, India)

As co-editor of the eBook "Polymeric Nanomedicines, I can say that I was greatly impressed by the professionalism and understanding of those with whom I worked. With their help we were able to eliminate many errors and shortcomings of our work.

Constantin V. Uglea
(“Grigore T. Popa”, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi, Romania)

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